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ORDERING NOTE:  You should get a confirmation email shortly after you finish placing an order.  I get a copy of the confirmation, along with another email advising me of the order itself, and a third advising of payment. I use these emails to fill the orders.

SO IF YOU DON’T get that confirmation within 24 hours, please send an email directly to kip@bkgrips.com, advising that you haven’t received the confirmation.  I have other information sources I can then use to fill an order, but don’t normally look at them unless I know there’s an order out there for which I haven’t got the information in the usual form.  (This has only happened once in the 6+ years since this business opened, but the customer’s order was delayed for quite a while because I didn’t know it was out there.)

PLEASE NOTE THAT SALES ARE LIMITED TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY.  I’m afraid it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with the PayPal/USPS/Customs Forms interaction for the one or two orders a year that come from outside the US.